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Delphinus DA 330 (11') Inflatable Roll Up
  Price: $1,295.00       Sale Price: $925.00

Delphinus Inflatable Boats represent an excellent value in a roll up sport boat.  The DA330 model is our most popular larger size.  It comes with a top quality drop stitch high pressure air floor.  It can easily handle 5 adults and up to 15 hp motor.  The DA330 comes not one but two bench seats in the boat.   We have a full line of small outboards to choose from to go with your DA330.

DA 330 (11')

  • 11' length

  • 7 interior length

  • 5'2" width

  • 30" interior width

  • 90 lbs

  • 17" tubes

  • capacity 1210 lbs, 5 persons

  • 15 hp max

  • Front D-ring with lifting handle

  • Rubbing strike acround perimeter

  • One-way drain valve with plug

  • Towing rings

  • Deep inflatable V-shape keel

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