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Delphinus Inflatable Roll Up and RIB Boats - 7'6" to 16'

Delphinus Inflatable Boats represent the best available in both qualtiy and affordability in the entry level Sport Boat category.

Delphinus Inflatable Boats are fully featured including large tubes, drop stitch air floor, bow lifting D-ring, full hand line all the way around the boat, full rub rail even around the back of Delphinus unique rounded tubes.

The Roll Up Sports Boats come complete with a generous carry bag, oars, hand pump, and patch kit. Beginning with the DA260 size and up you get dual wood bench seat! They come with a 3 year warranty on the fabric and the seams. The PVC material is the best available and resist abrasion, holds air better than any material on the market and will last you for many years with proper care.


  • High pressure inflatable air floor

  • Marine grade plywood transom

  • Front D-ring with lifting handle

  • Internal air buffers separating air chambers

  • Rubbing strike around perimeter

  • Cast-aluminum motor bracket attached on transom

  • Reliable NARU valves, One-way drain valve with plug

  • Towing rings

  • Deep inflatable V-shape keel

delphinus da 230 76 inflatable sport boa

Delphinus DA 230 (7' 6") Inflatable Sport Boat  


The Delphinus DA230 model is our most popular small size inflatable roll up Sports Boat.

delphinus da 260 86 inflatable sport boa


The Delphinus DA260 model represents an excellent value in a roll up Sports Boat.

delphinus da 270 89 inflatable sport boa


This new model, the DA270, comes with a see-thru plastic hull for underwater viewing!

delphinus da 290 96 inflatable sport boa


The Delphinus DA290 model is our popular medium size inflatable roll up Sports Boat.

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