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Full Lineup of Tohatsu Outboards for Sale!


Amber Marine carries the full line of Tohatsu outboard motors for sale at guaranteed lowest pricing! Every new outboard comes with Tohatsu reliability and their 5 year guarantee.


Tohatsu is proud to announce a new five year warranty program offering customers one of the best standard warranties in the industry on our entire line of 4-stroke and TLDI outboards. Tohatsu will extend the current three year limited warranty to a five year warranty on Tohatsu outboards. The new five year limited warranty will be effective for non-commercial use outboards sold from January 1, 2013 for 2011 production models or higher (serial numbers ending in AA, AB, AC).


Tohatsu Outboards has been making marine outboards since 1956, and over the past 48 years they've come to be recognized for their reliability in over 120 countries around the world. In fact, Tohatsu Outboards, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of marine outboards.


NEW 60HP to 250HP 4 STROKES are here!

When developing these engines, the first priority  was to make them lightweight and compact without compromising reliability or the quality performance associated with the Tohatsu brand name. They maintain the durable standard features that Tohatsu owners appreciate while making fuel efficient 4-strokes that are easy to transport.

These compact, fuel efficient outboard engines have been manufactured to comply with all US EPA and CARB 3-star Ultra-Low emission regulations.

The TLDI® Series are Tohatsu's award winning outboard motors that have an established reputation for being compact in size while demonstrating highly desired features such as low emissions and high fuel economy that are demanded by the new generation of boaters.

They are powered by a direct fuel injection system and a 32-bit ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU gives precise fuel injection instructions in accordance to the operating conditions detected by the multiple sensors located on the motor.

The TLDI® outboard motors meet all emission regulations stipulated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and are CARB (California Air Resources Board) 3-Star rated for Ultra-Low Emissions.

*ALL PRICING DISCOUNTS are for In-Store Sales Only. Sale price doesn't reflect sales tax to CA. All prices are subject to change and availability. Lowest Price Guarantee Online, customer must submit identical model number, model year along with proof of competitive offer by email or fax to Amber Marine Lowest Price Guarantee to or (949) 336-0017
ALL 25/250 HP 4-STROKE MODELS (TILLER AND REMOTE MODELS) and TLDI MODELS: Per manufacturer restrictions, we are not able to ship any 25/250 hp, remote control and TLDI model engines. This is due to the complex initial servicing required prior to customer taking possession. These models must be installed at our Costa Mesa, CA location. Installation and sales tax (for CA. Residents only) is additional

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